Top 5 Beaches to Visit in Oahu Hawaii

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Tiki’s top 5 Beaches to visit in Oahu Hawaii

There are so many beautiful beach just on Oahu to visit, but depending on your stay and other activities here are my top 5 beaches you can’t miss.


lanikai beach

Lanikai Beach is one of those picture perfect beaches that should be on every post card. White Sandy Beach with Calm Clear Blue Waters. Perfect for the family to go sunbathing. Located in a residential neighborhood so parking is limited. Worth every minute!

Kailua Beach  Park

Kailua Beach

Just up the road from Lanikai Beach you will find another incredible beautiful beach called Kailua Beach Park. You can spend all day here and never want to leave. Which is a good thing for the bed and breakfast located near by. Plenty of restaurants in the area also to get a bit to eat. Kailua Beach Park has been picked as one of the best beaches in Hawaii.

Top 5 Beaches in Oahu Hawaii

Waikiki Beach


Waikiki Beach a top spot for tourist which is surrounded by many hotels. The beach has a protect lagoon great for the kids and perfect spot to surf. Waikiki Beach has everything in walking distance. Need sun block or a snack no problem there is an ABC store located on almost every corner. Time for lunch or just want to go shopping it’s the perfect beach. Surf lessons are available or looking to rental a body board this beach has it. There are plenty of other activities here on Waikiki Beach. Stop by the Duke statue and if you turn around you will see the street cam. Time it correctly with family or friends they could see you online.

Ala Moana Beach Park

HONOLULU, HAWAII - FEB 2: Ala moana Beach park

Ala Moana Beach has a protective coral reef that make the water nice and calm. Perfect for swimming or even paddle boarding. Attached to Ala Moana Beach is Magic Island another great place for swimming. Ala Moana has a grass park great to have a picnic or sport activities. I feel it’s a great location to bring the family to swim but caution the ocean floor drops fast and can be very deep. So watch small children when in the water.

Waimanalo Beach Park

Gentle wave lap on white sand Waimanalo Beach looking towards Mokulua islands on a nice day Oahu, Hawaii.

Lost in Paradise of 3 miles of white sandy beach and turquoise waters. Located on the Windward side of Oahu there is a nice breeze.  Waimanalo Beach has plenty of parking, showers, bathroom and picnic area. Great place for swimming and body boarding.

Tiki’s Top 5 Beaches to Visit on Oahu Hawaii

No matter what Beach you end up on in Oahu Hawaii, they are all great and have their own unique quality. I picked these as my top 5 beaches in Oahu Hawaii because of the calmness of the ocean which is perfect for the family or a good swim. But as my Grandfather always told me never wear expensive jewelry in the ocean unless you what to give the Hawaiian Gods a gift… LOL and never turn your back to the ocean so you don’t get knocked down by a wave unexpectedly.. Which also came from an Hawaiian God..

Important even though you are in Paradise never leave valuables from your site. Esspecially locked in your vehicle which you might not be able to see from the beach.

Mahalo From Tiki

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