Kauai is a breathtaking island characterized by its wealth of rich, lush lands among which include stunning beaches, jaw dropping mountains and vast tropical rainforests. It is the oldest and fourth largest of the Hawaiian island chain. It is also known as “The Garden Isle”  because of its tropical beauty, unique geographical position on any island on earth. Besides being small, it is jam-packed with things to do. Tourists can ride horses, zip line, surf, snorkel, swim, bike, hike, boogie board or just relax. The island is also home to a variety of outdoor activities.   

The Kauai island offers many attractions. From steep canyons to river valleys, caves to waterfalls you will find everything any a lot of things to explore. Moreover, Kauai also boasts a plethora of world class shopping and resorts in Hanalei bay and the popular unmatched beaches of Hanapepe, Po’ipu and Princeville. Due to the magnificent landscape and beautiful beaches the island is also popular for shooting movies. Many Hollywood films have chosen the beautiful Kauai island as the incredible backdrop for their movie scenes.  Apart from its alluring beauty, the island is laid back and very rural. You will find the place simple, peaceful with no taller buildings and no other developments.

Major attractions and landmarks of Kauai island:

Beaches: Kauai is world famous for its seducing beaches that attract many tourists each year. With the shimmering water, warm sunlight, mesmerizing weather, fascinating greenery you will feel out of the world. Many tourists or visitors who have been there always prefer to experience some exciting water activities. It offers many water activities including, water ski, canoe. Scuba diving and kayak are popular ones.

Art Galleries: If you are an art lover then Kauai is the best place for you to visit. The island has a rich cultural history which is infused and supported by the talented artistic community. Many festivals, art events held each year in Kauai. Moreover, the island has more than 20 art galleries representing the diverse culture, values and traditions in a more expressive way. In addition to this, you can also find many boutiques, specialty craft shops, plazas and established hop markets.

Restaurants: No matter from which country you belong, you will find your favorite food in Kauai. It is a food paradise. There are so many high end – world class restaurants in Kauai offering diverse range of cuisine in affordable price. There are also coffee shops and small bars that serve many types of wines and beverages to the visitors. 

There are also 12 world class golf courses, dozens of world renowned spas and historic plantations. With all the rich landmarks and attractions, you will find Kauai a spectacular and one of the most geographically diverse place on earth.   

Kauai Breath Taking Mountain Views

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