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Big Island

From the lava to the beautiful beaches are so many good activities to explore on the Big Island of Hawaii. Are you ready for an adventure? Click Here!


Oahu has so much to offer from sight seeing to the night life in Waikiki Beach Hawaii to keep you busy all day.  Click Here!


The windy road to Hana to Lahaina to see humpback whales will be a trip to remember. Come see Why Maui is the place to visit. Click Here!


Romance and relaxation is in the Kauai air. From the Canyon to the waterfalls a must feel for a relax stress free atmosphere. Click Here!

A Little About The Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian islands are a magnificent place and one of the top visited destinations in the world. The fresh floral breeze, tranquil water, breath taking panorama and vibrant environment make you fall in love with the place. There is no other place like the Hawaiian Islands. The island state is made up of 8 islands out of which six are open to visitors. These islands include Niihau, Hawaii (also known as the big island), Lanai, Molokai, Kauai, Maui, Oahu and Kahoolawe.

Maui is dotted with local favorites, artist communities and quaint towns that have been around since from generations. From the beautiful sunsets to the vibrant, shimmering beaches, Maui is one of the best island drawing thousands of tourists each year. The island is also known for producing pineapple, sugar, cattle and horses. 

Oahu is the most populated island of the Hawaiian. From off-the-map tourist treasures to the rich historical sites, the “gathering place” is the center of attraction and a fusion of diverse cultures. This island is also home to one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in the world Waikiki. The famous landmarks of the island are pearl harbor, diamond head and Nauuanu Pali.  

Kauai - also known as the “Garden Island” offers beautiful waterfalls, lush vegetation and fascinating scenery. Visiting or exploring the Kauai island is like a  journey back in time. Its ancient lore, culture, raw beauty and splendor sites allure the visitors across the world. The popular landmarks of the greenest island include Poipu beach, Nawiliwili Bay, Wailua river and Hanalei bay.   

Niihau is a privately owned island with the population of 160 people and 69 sq. miles of total area. It is the westernmost and seventh largest of the inhabited Hawaiian island. Much of the island is covered with the kiawe trees planted by the grandparents of the current owners.  Niihau has no paved road, no telephone service, no doctors, no cars, there are no power lines, restaurants, general stores in fact there is no plumbing or water lines also.

Lanai - also known as the “Secluded island” is the smallest inhabited island in the Hawaii. It is small but brimming with beautiful attractions. From the world class resorts to the romantic Hulopoe Bay, Lanai is the incredible destination where you will find intimacy, adventure and serenity. 

Molokai with the population of 7,404 and 260 sq. mile area, Molokai is Hawwaii’s fifth largest island. It is a home to the world’s tallest sea cliffs, the highest waterfalls, empty beaches, hidden coves, sand dunes, coral reefs and rainforests. It is private and spacious, there are no tall buildings, no traffic lights, no fancy resort. 

The BIG Island Hawaii – Hawaii is the largest and youngest island in the Hawaiian chain. From the snow capped heights of Maunekae to the volcanoes national park – Hawaii island is the expression of the power of nature. The crystal clear waters, beaches, alluring scenery, environment, making it to be the best in the state. It is also popular for water sports including diving and snorkeling.

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