Big Island

Waterfalls + Volcano + Golf =Big Island

Hawaii is the largest and youngest island in the Hawaiian chain. From the snow capped heights of Maunekae to the volcanoes national park – Hawaii island is the expression of the power of nature. The crystal clear waters, beaches, alluring scenery, environment, making it to be the best in the state. It is also popular for water sports including diving and snorkeling. The island is generally special because of its sheer size. It boasts at least 11 climate zones, so tourists can enjoy desert conditions, snow rain and the sun at the mean time.
The north side of the island has black sand beaches with stunning green valleys. You can explore the zone through moderate hike down to the Waipio Valley and a steeper, more challenging hike to the Pololu Valley with its wild horses and many waterfalls. The east side of Hawaii island is covered with the breathtaking panoramas and green sites which gets significantly more rain than the other zones.
The east side of the island has magnificent valleys, impressive gulches, botanical gardens, tropical rainforest walks and the beautiful waterfalls. The west side of the island is sunny and drier. You will find many historic places to explore, including the town of Kailua Kona which was once a historic fishing village. A little further you will come across the Kohala coasts and the North Kona.
Some Beautiful Attractions and popular Landmarks Of the Island:

Hawaii is the wettest city in the united states and the greatest king. It is a home of the world most active volcano and two of the world’s greatest mountains. It is a place where land and sea meet, it is a land of both fire and ice. Typically Hawaii has a lot to offer, from green sand beaches to the paradisaical valleys, snow capped mountains to the emerald jungle - the island has something for every one.

Hawaii volcano national park: Volcano national park is one of the top visiting sights. It is locates 96 miles southeast of Kona and 30 miles south west of Hilo. The park offers the unique experience and it is the home to Kilauea (which is the most active and dangerous volcano in the world). A visit to the HVNP will make your vacation to remember for life.

Kipuka Puaulu Bird Park: Puaulu is an old fern forest and Ohia tree which is home to a number of feathered birds. The place is perfect for families, couples, kids and solo tourists. Kipuka Puaulu park is located 1.5 miles up the road in Hawaii volcanoes national park.

Rainbow falls state park: Rainbow fall is a mesmerizing and gorgeous waterfall of the Wailuku river in Hilo Surrounded by the dense jungle, it is a popular tourist spot that offer beautiful landscape and sights.
Golf course: with several world class resort courses, golf is one of the favorite past times on the big island. Some are open for the general public, but some offer limited accessibility. There are also some less expensive public courses suitable for middle class tourists.

The Hawaii island is also popular for its farms and agricultural products. World renowned up-and-coming Ka’u coffee and Kona coffee are some of the expensive and most awarded coffees in the world.

Kailani Tours Hawaii

Travel in comfort in brand new Mercedes Sprinter Passenger vans, drive over Saddle Road (2033 m. in elevation) through Parker Ranch, between the largest volcanoes (Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa). Click Here For Detail.

Botanical World 
The Segway Tour

This 30 minute introductory glide will teach you how to ride a Segway and give you a brief taste of the rain forest. Silently glide past lush flower gardens on Hawaii's only rain forest Segway tour. For More Info Click Here.

Live Volcano Tours

For over 20 years the fountains of fire have continued with tremendous intensity and today Mt. Kileaua is the volcano with the longest-lived rift activity.. Are You Ready? Click Here!

Hawaii Forest &

Enjoy a private tour and see two mountain streams, seven waterfalls, three footbridges, many historic trails and Hawaiian terraces. This hike is rated as easy walking, which makes it perfect for a family adventure.  More Info.

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