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Are you planning a vacation to the Hawaiian Islands? Great News.. Tiki is here to help you discover, plan and recommend travel tips and ideas. There is nothing better than a planned trip to Oahu, Maui, Kauai or the Big Island of Hawaii. Have no idea what to do? Tiki got you covered! No matter how long your vacation stay is here in Hawaii or what month you will be going, it's always beautiful. I feel there is never a bad time to visit the Hawaiian Island. Tiki has taken family and friends on Hawaiian adventures and the best thing about it... Is they never forget their experience in Hawaii. I want that same experience on your vacation to Hawaii. Hawaii can be a very expensive trip.. but worth it! I want to help budget your money and get the most out of your vacation trip to Hawai'i! Feel free to browse the site and connect with us on social media. Mahalo!

Aloha Tip

Travel Tip

When it comes to traveling most people over pack (including me). So remember not to pack 10 pairs of shoes. I will probably be living in flip flops or sandals most of the time. If you have plans to hike Diamond Head or a trail bring a pair of sneakers. Also if you have an affair or plan to dine at a high line restaurant then a pair of shoes not be needed.

Car Rental Tip

If your plan is to rent a vehicle to travel around the island.. Awesome! The scenic route around the Hawaiian Islands are so beautiful. Travel tip for your drive. As you enter a scenic area there are now parking meters in place. I’m not one to use a debit or credit card for 50 cents to a dollar. Tip – bring some quarters for your drive. This will make parking easier and faster. Aloha!

Hawaiian Sun Tip

The Hawaiian Sun feels so nice with the Coastal Breeze. But don’t let that good feeling ruin your vacation. Sun rays in Hawaii are every strong. Buy some good sun block if you have fair skin. Even if you are going to sit on the beach for just a few be safe. Sun Block is your Friend just like Tiki!

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